One cannot not communicate.

– Paul Watzlawick’s Axiom

Professional Public Relations within the economic life, the public sphere and wherever else practised require qualities we expect from respectable people in our private lives:

Acceptance of others and other opinions
Willingness to engage in dialogue
Keeping promises
Exchange of information on a partnership basis
Openness and trust

(Franz M. Bogner)


Strategy / Concepts

Measures are derived from concepts which in turn are based on strategies.

I ask the right questions which results in a consistent structure for a PR concept. The milestones of this process are the following

  • Communications targets and principles
  • Communications strategies
  • Image analysis
  • Communications content
  • Customised concepts
  • Budgeting for measures
  • Personnel planning, timing and scheduling
  • Implementation of measures
  • Efficiency monitoring

Public Relations and Media Work

Public Relations and Media Work are no short-term project but rather based on a long-term cooperation and relationship management with the public.

“PR means appealing for public trust” (Hundhausen).

The right attitude of a company towards the public and the willingness to communicate with it are fundamental for successful PR work.

  • Press Releases
  • Topical research
  • Press events
  • Interviews
  • Working with journalists

Internal Communications

Good PR work starts within the office. Employees are always the most important “public“.

Examples for internal communications:

  • Information strategy within the company
  • Protocol systems
  • Employee surveys
  • Incentives
  • Complaints box / internal suggestion scheme
  • Internal publications
  • Company meetings
  • Work outings / department meetings
  • Employee  services (physician consultation, legal advice, etc.)

Integrated Communications

Integrated communications comprise analysis, planning, organisation, implementation and monitoring of the entire internal and external (= Public Relations and Media Work) communications of a company.

My consulting service encompasses the preparation of consistent and well-coordinated corporate communications based on the implemented instruments and measures of internal and external communications.


  • Improving target group approach (reducing information overload)
  • Consistency between self-perception (Corporate Identity) and perception from the outside (Corporate Image)
  • Competitive differentiation


Michaela Unteregger

Foto: Michael Hetzmannseder

In 2010, Michaela Unteregger founded her own public relations business „Kommunikation Unteregger“.

Over the past years she was employed by the biggest and most renowned consulting companies, heading the communication departments of those firms.

Key Areas of Work

Service industries with focus on the legal and real estate sectors in Austria and the entire CEE/SEE region.

Language skills

German: mother tongue
Fluent in written and spoken English

Fluent in written and spoken Hebrew
French: school knowledge


  • BONDI Consult

    International Property Advisors

  • aringer herbst winkelbauer

    Attorneys at Law


    Attorneys at Law

  • Blaue Lagune

    Commercial real estate agency

  • Duda Testor


  • Immpuls

    Advertising Agency

  • Nemetschke Huber Koloseus

    Attorneys at Law

  • Ružička Csekes Attorneys at Law


  • The Living Core

    Agency for Innovation


    Service Holding Austria

Thank you to all clients for their confidence!

  • Eyemaxx

    Real Estate Group

  • Am Hafen

    Neusiedl am See Projektentwicklung

  • BKS Kabelservice


  • Wohnsalon


  • BSJP Attorenys at Law




  • Manuela Maurer-Kollenz


  • Reed Messe


  • Salon Real

    Club Real Estate sector

  • Intelligentes Wohnen

    Club Real Estate sector

  • MRG

    MRG Reinberg Gruppe