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One cannot not communicate.

– Paul Watzlawick’s Axiom

Professional Public Relations within the economic life, the public sphere and wherever else practised require qualities we expect from respectable people in our private lives:

Acceptance of others and other opinions
Willingness to engage in dialogue
Keeping promises
Exchange of information on a partnership basis
Openness and trust

(Franz M. Bogner)


Strategy / Concepts

Measures are derived from concepts which in turn are based on strategies.

I ask the right questions which results in a consistent structure for a PR concept. The milestones of this process are the following

  • Communications targets and principles
  • Communications strategies
  • Image analysis
  • Communications content
  • Customised concepts
  • Budgeting for measures
  • Personnel planning, timing and scheduling
  • Implementation of measures
  • Efficiency monitoring

Public Relations and Media Work

Public Relations and Media Work are no short-term project but rather based on a long-term cooperation and relationship management with the public.

“PR means appealing for public trust” (Hundhausen).

The right attitude of a company towards the public and the willingness to communicate with it are fundamental for successful PR work.

  • Press Releases
  • Topical research
  • Press events
  • Interviews
  • Working with journalists
  • Litigation-PR

360 Degree Communication 

The 360 degree perspective I apply covers all advertising channels of a product or a brand: paid, earned, owned and shared media. My consulting services include the creation of consistent and coordinated corporate communication taking into account the instruments and measures used.

  • Paid media: classic advertising, advertisement
  • Earned media: media relations, media work
  • Owned media: website, blog, podcasts, publications, events
  • Shared Media: Social Media


Networking is an important success factor within the professional community. Regular presence on the market is a crucial factor for success that is often underestimated. A good, reliable network serves to open doors for your company. I offer you and your business access to my vast and exclusive network consisting of multipliers as well as decision-makers in the respective industry and facilitate the creation of initial contacts that are often not feasible by other means.

My long-standing network focuses on the following industries:

  • Law – built over 25 years
  • Real Estate – built over 20 years
  • Further education – built over 30 years


Thanks to the multi-sensory approach, event participants senses are activated to exceptional levels compared to other communication instruments routinely used in the market, thus, messages conveyed are remembered by participants for much longer. My offer includes all aspects relevant to your company event: from the conceptual design of an event or a series of conversations, to the organization of the event, including on-site support.

Most current references:

  • WISAG FM Club (since 2015)
  • DenkMal für Kenner / DenkMalNeo (since 2022)
  • Spatenstich – New Year’s cocktail of the real estate industry (since 2023)



Foto: Michael Hetzmannseder

In 2010, Michaela Unteregger founded her own public relations business „Kommunikation Unteregger“.

Over the past years she was employed by the biggest and most renowned consulting companies, heading the communication departments of those firms.

Key Areas of Work

Service industries with focus on the legal and real estate sectors in Austria and the entire CEE/SEE region.

Language skills

German: mother tongue
Fluent in written and spoken English

Fluent in written and spoken Hebrew
French: school knowledge


Am Hafen Neusiedl Projektentwicklung


BKS Kabelservice (Switzerland)


Bondi Consult


BSJP Rechtsanwälte (Poland)


BuildingSMART Austria


CityOffice Feldkirch Development


DenkMalNeo Werkstatt guten Bauens

DTA Duda Testor Architektur


Querfeld’s Wiener Kaffeehaus  (Litigation PR)


Kollitsch & Soravia Immobilien


M2S Attorneys at Law


Nemetschke Huber Koloseus Attorneys at Law


Plan Radar


Pocket House


Reinberg & Partner


Rhomberg Bau




smino Austria


The Living Core


WISAG Service Holding Austria



Hier finden Sie das Büro von Kommunikation Unteregger

Michaela Unteregger

Kommunikation Unteregger e.U.
Laudongasse 35 / 12
A-1080 Vienna

T +43 699 10 59 38 31


Why are all these colours on your website?

I can only give you a very personal answer to this: They make me feel good. Art can communicate very directly, even if it is abstract.  The images on the site are details from my oil paintings and they range from an impulsive orange hue to a rational blue tone. They are as manifold and integrative as my work in public relations. My work and my art have one thing in common: both give me endless joy.